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Thermal industrial equipments

Promoting future businesses on a foundation of technical strength.

The new mission of Riken Environmental System is to face challenges by leveraging our pioneering technology.
To break out of the current mold and open up new future possibilities, we will respond to customers' needs from our own unique standpoint and through our technical capabilities.

Providing backup for industry with heat control technology.

Our heat control technologies, which we have developed over many years, have a solid reputation in a variety of industrial fields. These technologies include standard heat treatment furnaces, hydrogen gas furnaces, magnetic heat treatment furnaces, vacuum furnaces, ceramic continual baking furnaces and super high-temperature furnaces.
As a major manufacturer of electromagnetic heat sources used in these furnaces, we provide an extensive product lineup to meet a wide range of needs from household electrical heating appliances through to super high-temperature industrial furnaces.
In addition to various types of powder alloy heating elements, we also manufacture Pyromax, a world-first highly durable molten alloy heating element and Pyromax Super, a ceramic heating element which can be used at temperatures of up to 1800°C. In addition, our refractory ceramic products have a wide variety of industrial applications including the melting of aluminium and another nonferrous metals and the baking of integrated circuits.
We provide strong backup for companies at the frontiers of new technology.