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Service & Support

Service & Support: We have robust maintenance and support system for offering after- market services to our customers such as periodic calibration that is indispensable for electromagnetic anechoic chambers.

Periodic Maintenance Activities
  • Safe acknowledgement within 24 hours (separate contract required)
  • Reliable resolution within 48 hours (separate contract required)
  • Maintenance contract duration can be adjusted as per customers’ requirement such as 6 month, 1 year, 3 years etc.
  • Maintenance plan is proposed according to the frequency of use by the customer
  • Detailed services as per requirement.
  • Click here for maintenance inquiries.
Measurement Activities
  • Shield Measurement (Magnetic to millimeter waves)
  • Site Attenuation Measurement
  • Field Uniformity Measurement
  • Cable Loss Measurement
  • Background Noise Measurement
  • Line Noise Measurement
  • Proxy Services for FCC and VCCI registration
  • Electromagnetic Environment Measurement
  • Magnetic Environment Measurement
Antenna / measurement device calibration proxy activities
  • Calibration frequency range / 10Hz to 40GHz
  • Devices targeted for calibration / Bi-conical antenna, log periodic antenna, bi-log antenna, dipole antenna, horn antenna, various measurement devices
Sales of EMC Devices and Equipments
  • Turn Table
  • Antenna Mast
  • GP-IB Controller
  • EMS Camera System
  • Azimuth Table
  • Rotation Positioner
  • levation Positioner
  • Antenna Adapter
  • Table for Conducting Measurement
  • EMC Measurement Software
  • Antenna Measurement Software
Consulting Services
  • Support for obtaining certifications such as NVLP
  • Anechoic Chambers, Operation Support
  • Magnetic Shield countermeasure consulting

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