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Shielded Room

Features of Shielded Room

  • Support wide range of frequencies from magnetic to millimeter waves.
  • Can be fabricated in size according to the installation area
  • Customers can choose from laminated panel method and pan panel method.
  • Can be used for shifting, expanding, and remodeling of anechoic chambers.

Performance Specifications(Example)

arrowApplicable Standard MIL
arrowSize Can be designed to the required size
arrowShield Properties
(IEEE 299 Compliant)
arrowShield Panel Either laminated panel or pan panel can be selected
arrowShielded Door Knife edge finger contact type
※Can be designed to the required size

Sample Measurement Data

Sample Measurement Data Graph

Magnetic shield countermeasure engineering work

Features of magnetic shield countermeasure engineering work

We offer optimum magnetic shield countermeasures with computer simulation based performance design such as magnetic shield countermeasure, magnetic shield countermeasures for buildings located under transmission lines, NMR and MRI leakage magnetic field countermeasures, and installation environment countermeasures for electron microscope and electron-beam printing.

Flow of Shielding Work

Prediction of Magnetic Field Occurrence Based on the equipment installation diagram and cable layout diagram, magnetic source is modeled and magnetic field occurrence is predicted.
Prediction of Magnetic Field Occurrence	Performance Design Based on magnetic field analysis with the finite element method, optimum magnetic shield is proposed.
Construction Design Based on the performance design, materials and parts (magnetic shield panel) are allocated according to local status
Installation Based on the installation diagram (material allocation), magnetic shield panel is mounted.
Performance Inspection After installation, magnetic field is measured at the applicable places to check the shield performance.