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Quality Policy


As a core company of the Riken Group, we create and provide quality-first products, technologies and services, recognizing that to establish customers’ credibility and meet their satisfaction in terms of the quality is the most important challenge for us to become a company which will survive in and can contribute to the 21st century society.


Global Standards

We shall collect and analyze information on quality from customers, globally proceed with the activities to reflect such information on our quality plans for development, and thus pursue the best quality.
We shall establish a quality assurance system that will function as a chain among our affiliate and associate companies, domestic or overseas, and as a core company of the Riken Group, we shall implement more intensive quality control activities by means of a constant method.

Ensuring the Elaborate Quality and Fundamentals

Throughout the whole process from planning and development to sales and service of a product, we shall realize the "elaborate quality," always looking back to the fundamentals for manufacturing.
For this purpose, we shall continue to standardize each and all processes, learn and master necessary control techniques, implement them to improve the quality of work, and make efforts to stabilize and enhance the quality.

Attaining the Quality Targets

In order to proceed with the quality activities effectively, we shall prescribe the quality targets specifying the tidemarks and problem solutions in detail. We shall have the quality targets in common, clarify the responsibilities for quality in our respective duties, and take initiatives in concert for quality control.

PDCA Spiral Upward

We shall check through our internal audits whether the quality targets and plans are correctly implemented, take actions to correct (remedial measures for) the problems that should be improved, confirm the results, and lead it to further improvement.
We shall keep this PDCA all the time and develop it to the higher level.

Conforming to the ISO 9001 : 2015 Standards

We shall make our efforts to maintain and improve our quality control, recognizing the relevant standards and criteria, ISO 9001 : 2015, as the minimum levels to be complied with. We shall carry out continued improvements, repeating the reviews so as to function the quality management system effectively.

Increase of Customer Satisfaction

We shall listen to the voice of customer or market, then promptly and proactively response to it.
We shall check and analyze whether important customers put their trust in and satisfied with Riken Environmental System's products, technologies and services, and shall reflect and develop measures for further improvement on the next quality target.