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Design Technology

Design Technology of Anechoic Chamber

Design comfortable living space with advanced computer simulation technology.

Ray-Trace Method FDTD Method
Ray-Trace Method FDTD Method
Method of calculating the properties of electromagnetic anechoic chambers by compared the waves of different frequencies to light beams.
We have developed a highly advance simulation software based on our know-how accumulated from electromagnetic propagation path calculation, bond calculation between antenna as per electromotive force method, oblique-incidence properties of a electromagnetic wave absorber by multilayered configuration model, and several measurement data.
Method of analyzing in time domain by finite different of Maxwell’s differential equation.
Design software is developed by us, and it is mainly used in designing compact electromagnetic anechoic chambers.

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber Evaluation Technique

Basic characteristics of electromagnetic wave absorber used in computer simulation are measured with indigenously development equipment by us.

Large Coaxial Tube Medium Coaxial Tube
Hollow electromagnetic wave absorber, which is our specialty, can be measured for actual size (Base: 600mm x 600mm, height: 3m or below). Measurement can be done under same conditions as actual installation, and deterioration in absorption properties can be accurately evaluated at 100MHz or below in ferrite tile clearance.
Can be used for inspection before installation of electromagnetic wave absorber.

Frequency Band:10MHz〜200MHz
Electromagnetic wave absorber having base of 100mm x 100mm can be measured.

Frequency Band:10MHz〜1GHz
Large Waveguide 100 Angular Coaxial Tube
Can be measured for actual size.

Frequency Band:100MHz〜800MHz
Can be measured without machining ferrite tile (100m x 100m).
Useful for quality control of ferrite tile.

Frequency Band:10MHz〜1GHz
Large Arch Compact Arch
Giant arch system of 12m diameter. Actual electromagnetic wave absorber up to 4m height can be measured.

Frequency Band:200MHz〜18GHz
Arch system of 4m diameter. Actual electromagnetic wave absorber under 0.6m height can be measured.

Frequency Band:1GHz〜40GHz
Dielectric Lens
System using dielectric lens allows measuring up to 100GHz.

Frequency Band:1GHz〜100GHz

Antenna Calibration

Every year, we calibrate the antenna in United States (Liberty Labs, Inc.), which is considered to have the best characteristic in the world.