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Semi-anechoic Chamber

Features of Semi-anechoic Chamber

  • Anechoic chamber with 3m measurement distance can be made available
  • Can be used for wide range of application as EMI/EMS measures
  • Floor of electromagnetic anechoic chamber can be selected from metallic floor and electromagnetic wave absorber floor
  • Can be designed according to the space available in installation location

Performance Specifications(Example)

arrowStandards Complied ANSI C63.4 /CISPR16-1-4/IEC61000-4-3
arrowSize W4.0 × L8.0 × H3.5 m
arrowMeasurement Distance 3.0m/1.0m
arrowElectromagnetic Wave Absorber RF043+RHFFP absorber or ferrite tile + pyramid ferrite electromagnetic wave absorber (RHFFP series)
arrowSite Attenuation 1GHz-18GHz
arrowMain Shielded Door W1.0 × H2.0 m manually operated swing door
arrowTurn Table ---

Underground Raw Wave Absorber System

Underground Raw Wave Absorber System image

Example of NSA Measurement Results

Example of NSA Measurement Results Graph