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10m Electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber

Features of 10m electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber

  • In EMC test, measurement can be done at 10m distance
  • Complies to various standards
  • Transportation of large vehicles, and compliance with various automobile measurement standards
  • Measurement axis are customized to 1 axis, 2 axis etc. as per the requirement

Performance Specifications(Example)

arrowStandard Complied VCCI/FCC/CISPR/IEC61000-4-3
arrowSize W16.0 × L25.0 × H9.5 m
arrowMeasurement Distance 10m/3m
arrowElectromagnetic Wave Absorber RF043+RC absorber or ferrite tile + hollow pyramid electromagnetic wave absorber (RC series)
arrowSite Attenuation 1GHz-18GHz
arrowMain Shielded door W3.0 × H3.0 m
arrowTurn Table φ2.0/6.0 4.0ton

Sample NSA Measurement Results

Sample NSA Measurement Results Graph